In-person evaluation process helps organisations choose -high-quality candidates, while reducing hiring time and cost. In an in- person evaluation, a trained evaluator conducts an organised, in-depth and unbiased analysis of the candidate. Some of the typical attributes that can be assessed are domain knowledge and technical aspects such as coding, programming and testing skills. Each candidate is evaluated and rated – a complete evaluation report is generated and submitted to the hiring team. 

 Video interviewing, shortlisting candidates using artificial intelligence and sourcing resumes with high-end software are some of the technologies that are revolutionising today’s recruitment process. They are able to automate some of the low-value, high-volume recruiting tasks such as screening and sourcing. They enhance the human capabilities rather than replacing the process completely.

However, in-person evaluation has a high-value that differentiates remote connectivity and interviewing processes in the recruitment space. Let us do a competitive analysis of this process with the other hiring options that are available:

·         In-person evaluation vs video interviewing platform – Though video interviewing provides lesser time to hire and video logs for assessment, live interviewing needs reasonable internet speed. In some cases, candidate’s performance is not as good in a video interview as it would be in a real one. Additionally, the evaluation cost is found to be thrice as much as that of in-person interviews.

·         In-person evaluation vs online assessment platform – The objective assessment platform is good for standardised candidate selection and promotes quantifiable assessment and reporting. However, the tests may not be properly used by the employees. The interviewers may be biased towards certain persons. This may lead to falsifying the results of the tests. The results may also be unreliable, if used by incompetent evaluator.

·         Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – The RPOs are primarily responsible for sourcing and on-boarding of candidates. In-person interviews are more focused on the evaluation. Hence, technical evaluation is given the priority it deserves. Also, in-person interviews charge as low as 10% to 15% of the total business cost that any organisation is spending on RPO.


Companies cannot afford to risk on bad hires in today’s competitive business environment. As a result, the interviewing process has evolved from being an administrative activity to becoming a critical business capability of high-performance organizations. For IT companies, tech assessments involve coding, programming skills tests and also performing a sample work test. This helps the hiring teams get a glimpse of the technical knowledge of the candidates and a chance to see how they approach the work. During an in-person evaluation, the evaluator rates the candidates on all of these attributes and hands over a clear-cut feedback to the hiring manager. It is a sure win for the project team and a smarter way of on-boarding than the traditional hiring methods.





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