Finding the right hire demands thorough assessment of the candidates and meticulous technical evaluation. The process is overwhelming as taking interview is no one’s full time job. For an IT project team, tasks like daily stand ups, scrum meetings, and product backlogs always take precedence. There are off the schedule severity one defects from production, code fixes, and client escalations. These can have the team members be on their toes and further reduce their focus on technical evaluation.

As per the Gartner Survey of June 2019, slow, poor decision-making by hiring managers is causing organizations to lose out on talent in today’s tight labour market by 10%. Incorrect technical assessments during interviews have on-boarded wrong hires by 11%. There is an upsurge in the time-to-fill by 17% delay in extending offer. In fact, Gartner research found that only 31% of hiring managers understand the vision their business leader has for their team. Majority did not score due to lack of bandwidth and technical interviews slipping on the to-do list.

As managers spend majority of their time in coordination and administrative tasks, they drift away from their core technical responsibilities. Therefore, the hiring managers delegate the technical evaluations to the senior team members, who are hands-on and closely associated with project execution. This gives them an advantage of having the senior team members pick and choose their team members, ensuring comfort and compatibility.


Before delegating assessment responsibilities to the senior team members a few points for hiring managers to consider are:


  • Do the team members prepare before the interviews? A common scenario of a senior technical team member taking a candidate interview is — Rushing to the interview room after the candidate has arrived, pulling out the resume in a hurry, giving a cursory look at the skills, asking a few generic questions, and arriving at a decision within 10 to 20 minutes of Q&A! The reason for this unpreparedness is primarily the lack of bandwidth for the interviewer, which, in due course, turns out to be more damaging than good to the team.
  • Are the evaluations structured to judge the competency level? It is not uncommon for people to inflate their resumes by marking ingenuine proficiency levels, skills, tools, technologies, work experience etc.  The evaluator’s job, therefore, is crucial in funnelling down the questions based on the difficulty level so as to spot and segregate the fake candidates from the suitable ones. However, this is generally missing in interviews either due to lack of preparation or inexperience of the interviewer. As a result, conclusions are made on the basis of the questions that are on the top of the head of the interviewer.
  • Are the decisions coming from unbiased, matured team members? Hiring managers often wish they had a few extra pair of eyes and ears, just so that they could keep one in the assessment centres. It does not benefit the organization when bright candidates are rejected by the senior team, mainly because they are seen as potential competitors and threats. It is not unusual when the interview panel does not select candidates who have higher skills than themselves.

New age hiring managers are, therefore, finding external tech evaluation process highly effective, unbiased, and effort saving. This not only helps them in performing a thorough scrutiny during tech interviews but also is paramount in curtailing the cost of a wrong hire. Read on in our next blog on how external tech evaluation is the modern, smart way of hiring tech candidates!



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