Corona pandemic hasn’t deterred the IT industry to function as normal times. As IT prides on Anytime, Anywhere, Any device culture, remote working has become business imperative. In the digital age, it has become easier for recruiters to connect and select wisely without having to step out of their homes.  AI, code pad, video conferencing etc come in handy in making remote technical interviews hassle-free.  However, the human aspect of interviews that touches upon emotional intelligence cannot be overlooked. With the best usage of available technology a thorough assessment can be carried out not only on the hard skills required for the job, but also the soft human skill as an organizational value.

  • Identify an owner of the job- An owner’s responsibilities include defining the selection criteria, competencies required (testing, coding, optimality, ability to deal with ambiguity) and proficiency level of the candidate on each competency. This will give remote interviewers a framework under which to conduct the interview.
  • Questions to be clear and unambiguous- For technical assessment, it is preferred to be prepared with direct questions with a set of answers. In case the questions have to be convoluted, it is better to mention and gain understanding with the candidate. These questions could have various answers and approaches. Assessments are then done on the tactfulness rather than the answer itself.
  • Employ quality control methods in interviews- In remote interviews, best practice is to employ methods like recording and reviewing the questions and answers. It is also important to train and mentor the interviewers to ensure they are kind and empathetic in addition to being competent.
  • Follow scoring structure for question- For the interviewers in the same room, it is easier to come to a conclusion quickly soon after the discussion is over. However, in a remote interview it is fruitful to keep a score for each question or competency. This can be added up later to arrive at a cumulative result.
  • Set a hiring bar– Establishing a clear hiring bar across different locations with agreed upon directions and guidelines is paramount. Evaluating outcomes of the score headings help in mapping them to each candidate’s final outcome. This also assists in analysing the final hiring data and evolve the interview process.

The world was certainly not prepared for the lockdown. However, IT industry, is well prepared with near zero obstacle, for remote connectivity and digital interaction. Evaluators can use them has headway’s  to successfully hire software engineering candidates who not only meet the expected standards but also demonstrate ability to move to higher levels.

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