As the Indian IT industry enters its fourth decade of magnanimous growth, it will be stimulating to see IT professionals being treated as individual brands. That will mean soaring above and beyond their current tagging of say a Java developer, a front end designer, a Linux admin, and etc. There is an urge to become and be known as – the IT Marque- the one for whom technology knows no bounds! Of course, the impulse is to upskill and win over the skill gap so as to become disruption-proof IT expert. Earlier this year, NASSCOM reiterated the need to re-skill about 50 per cent of India’s IT workforce. It predicts the industry will face a shortage of 230,000 skilled techies for jobs in AI and Big Data by 2021.

Blended with the perils of Covid-19, upskilling seems to be dire necessity in corporates. The good news is that IT companies have pioneered learning models and have launched transformational L&D towers to upskill their employees.

As agile methodology is the mantra in IT, it is imperative for professionals to learn and relearn so as to adapt and stand out.  This will make them abreast of the changing needs of business. IT companies too, in the last five years started coming up with ways to ‘upskill’ or ‘reskill’ their employees in hopes of retaining them.

·         Amazon plans to up skill 100,000 workers for future jobs.
·         IBM is using $1 billion in AI to defeat the jobs killed by AI.
·         PwC invests a whopping $3 Billion to up skill 275,000 employees.
·         JPMorgan Chase added $350 Million to Their Previous $250 million reskilling plan
·         AT&T has taken an initiative costing $1 billion to make themselves future-ready.

It is obvious that these companies have chosen to harp on the upskilling sector and scaling up their training materials. For the employees, certifications, short and long term courses are feathers in cap and aid them in staying relevant in the ever-changing in technology industry.  IT technical evaluators, sitting on more than 5 years of work experience in the industry have been working on honing their own professional brand. Their endeavor is to set their hands and master on any device, any platform so as to arise as an all-round abled tool. These imminent techies are the powerhouse evaluators with knowledge and discretion to step up as tech evaluators to interview and onboard candidates.

The future of IT professionals classifying themselves will be akin to Indian film star Shah Rukh Khan labeled by the media as “Brand SRK”. He is often quoted as saying- ‘Shah Rukh Khan is not a man, it is a brand I (SRK) work for’. There is an exhaustive list of companies that are named after people and those have become big brands eventually. From Dell, Colgate Palmolive, Calvin Klein to the indigenous Tata, Birla and Mahindra are the brands that started as individuals. IT specialists are increasingly emerging as brands to pride, not only the companies that they are working in, but also across the information technology market.

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