Technical team leaders trying to build a team have a few persistent qualms-assessing candidates being the topmost of those.  Filling the vacancies in the team with the right candidates is a task that is expected of a team leader as a part of their day job. Leads being the part of the organization know the technical and culture fitment the best and bring on people with whom they share good frequency levels. Evaluations largely don’t come with additional remuneration as the management thinks of the tech lead as the best person to select and on-board the other team members. Hence, evaluating candidates can become a tiresome job for the hiring team members as they are spending extra time at work with no extra pay.

A small to medium level company aiming to build up its technical team over a period of 2 to 3 months spends about 100 hrs per week of engineering time evaluating candidates.  This includes screening candidate profile, telephonic rounds for technical assessments, followed by 2 to 3 phases of evaluations either face 2 face or over the video calls. The duration may become lengthier depending on the ongoing market situation. Though the HR personnel is provided enough information on the ideal candidate and relevance to the job, the technical teams’ role in the hiring process is crucial as they are the ones to screen resume based on the projects done and technical skills.  The technical members get bogged down when tasks outside client delivery fall into their plates.

Organizations that are hiring for specific technical positions need to devise ways to conduct evaluations without overwhelming their tech teams. Some of the points that the talent acquisition heads have been considering are pointed and viable-:

  • Technical evaluation as a service is a big success in the US over the last few years. The companies evaluate engineers and conduct live technical sessions. They help in calibrating technical assessments to hiring bar and reduce developer’s time spent by 60%.
  • The partner evaluation services companies help getting more predictive with higher onsite-to-offer ratio. They not only provide faster closure of positions but also better-quality candidates choice for the employers to select from. In addition, technical assessments are highly relevant to all roles and skill levels — producing an average sign up rate above 80%.
  • In a candidate evaluation process, the candidates are at the centre. However, more often, the ally that receives least focus is ironically the candidate. Starting from the scheduling of the evaluation to re-doing and receiving a feedback from the hiring company, the candidates are not seen as the choice-makers. With candidate evaluations-as- a-service, the partner companies, delight their candidates as much as they serve their clients by letting them schedule and providing them feedback.
  • The icing on the cake comes as the insights provided by the analytics that these services provide to the hiring companies. This includes aggregation of candidate’s data into a predictive hiring signal, revealing new insights, and empowering hiring managers to make more informed decisions.

84% of C-suite executives agree that Software Engineers are more expensive than capital. The engagement of technical team members, therefore, is best fixated in product development and client delivery. The forward-looking strategy for IT leaders is viewing technical evaluations as a service for faster and high-quality on-boarding.

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