Above 75% of the interviewees mark the evaluator’s technical and communication skills as the most positive factor of an evaluation process. A positive experience can convince a talented candidate to join the hiring team but a negative experience can tarnish the company’s reputation. Therefore, it is paramount for the recruiters, hiring managers, and evaluators to understand what it takes to provide candidates with the best possible hiring experience. As the candidate knows the evaluator more than everyone else in the company, the evaluator represents the company culture and ethos to the candidate. The candidate in all possibilities is a potential customer who is likely to write a review of the evaluation experience in the social media platforms.

Here are a few pointers for the evaluator to follow so that the candidate rates you high as a progressive partner and finds your the organization the best place to join-

  • Be prepared in advance– In most unstructured interactions, the first question the evaluator throws invariably- could you please walk me through your resume or please tell me something about yourself. Though it quips in as a fine icebreaker, it signals to the candidate that the evaluator has done zero preparation so much so that they haven’t even had time to go through the resume yet. A structured evaluation would be to begin with a few great points that you have noticed and underlined on the resume, for instance, ‘Oh I noticed you have hands-on experience in JAVA, angular and dot net; you are just the one we wanted to speak to regarding this position.’ That’s a motivating sentence which immediately builds a familiarity between candidate and evaluator.
  • It’s about what the candidate knows and can do- Open-ended questions go a long way about knowing the abilities and potentials of any person. Asking, how many estimations techniques do you know about? – speaks of the evaluator. However, a question- what estimation techniques have you worked on? – will have the candidate open up stories from their own experience.
  • Evaluation is a two-way process- Be ready to take questions and answer them in the best possible way professionally. The questions you ask should help determine if the candidate can accomplish the role’s objectives. Ask pointed questions that get you the answers you need and questions that let the candidate make their pitch. Give them your full attention and use all the scheduled time, even if you come to the conclusion, they’re not a great candidate.

An evaluation experience that is positive and inspiring not only brings the best candidates to you but also passes a good name for your organization in the competitive market. The more you let the candidates shine, the better the ratings you receive on employment platforms. Thus, it can be said that the evaluator represents the company and the candidate represents a catalyst to customer feedback.

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