Managers look forward to opportunities to ramp up their teams as the leadership and boards views hiring as a sign of growth. However, the tasks to set-up a team that delivers end-to-end to the client can be daunting. Ambitious hiring targets need to be meticulously planned to fulfill the requirements of the team. This is not just about knowing what skills need to be hired for the growth of the team but also to align team goals with the company’s long-term goals and the milestones to be achieved in the short term. The hiring manager and team need to hold the company’s ethos in mind to ideate the talent to be attracted.

Some facets and steps that can go into a hiring plan:

  • How to set the goals right? A number of people and seniority levels required, diversity and inclusion, attrition rates are the factors to be considered and proactively approached. The team’s skill mix can be chalked out and gaps are identified early on for training purposes.
  • Calendar and milestones need to be supportive: The important question is how many people are required for the team and when. Hiring plan often opens new business perspectives and thus needs to be flexible in addition be showing a clear picture.
  • Automation: Manual tasks can be converted into automation only if there is a sustained benefit.  However, in the revolutionary world, it is a challenge for businesses to keep pace with technologies. Hiring teams, therefore, need to analyze their processes carefully prior to the decision of automating a part or whole of it. Only the portions that are stable and saves the hiring time can be employed for the automation process.
  • Job requirement description: In 2020, as higher qualification is losing sheen, work experience and technical skills are finding more prominent places in the JRD. The hiring managers chase candidates with polished personal attributes, soft skills, and better culture fit during the process of evaluation. Professional accreditation though is optional, goes a long way to assess the candidate’s interest and depth of knowledge.
  • Adapting for remote hiring: Covid-19 has impacted hiring in profound ways, as the remote-first culture sets in. Candidate evaluations done on whiteboard need to be altered. For technical and programming assessments usage of coder-pads is a promising solution. Moreover, there are plenty of companies offering virtual meeting points that makes candidate evaluation more convenient.
  • Involving the team in the hiring process: Often a few team members are loaded with the hiring while the others don’t contribute to it at all. On boarding can be collectively carried out by the team members and the tasks may include- collating the skill gaps, requirements for additional expertise in specific areas, candidate feedback discussion on fitment etc.

Scaling up a technical team with varied needs as per client demands can be tricky. As much seasoned evaluators with acute experience in candidate assessments prove to be a big helping hand, a structured selection process is mandatory. Organizations need to treat it as they would for any other software project in order to make it more efficient.

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