In the digital world, solutions are available in plenty and for every problem there are various solutions and all different ways to achieve the same end goal. A search can be linear, binary, jump, interpolation, exponential, sublist, fibonacci, ubiquitous binary search and, etc! In a particular hiring phase the candidate was asked to solve a sorting algorithmic problem. The candidate starts to use a method and in a few minutes was stopped and is asked to use another method. The reason being the comfort level of the evaluator with method#2. This boils down to the question whether evaluation has a scientific method to be conducted and the need for evaluation skills as one of the crucial needs in the technical hiring team members.

  • Understand the candidates’ adaptability and train-ability than experience: The process calls for openness when evaluator knows both Java and Python well and the candidate has been working on Python only for a few years. Evaluation is more of a process to understand the candidates’ adaptability and train-ability than experience.
  • Homework on candidates’ profiles: The hiring organization may be doing functional automation testing using UFT while the candidate’s profiles have major projects done over SoapUI. If the candidates understand the trade-offs between the two tools, they can be assessed on the technologies. By understanding the technologies on the candidate’s resume, evaluator will know what their area of expertise is, even if they’ve never personally used those technologies.
  • Quick and unbiased comprehension: The evaluator’s job stretches to getting the candidate back on track in case they are deviating from the solution, quick reviewing of solution provided and letting them know how close they have gotten. As an evaluator one need to be able to quickly understand where the candidate is heading towards.
  • Focus on domain, process and communication skills: As we look for learning, unlearning and relearning technical skills in the candidates, one concept that stands out is the candidates’ understanding of the business and domain of the previous projects handled. The more brush up the evaluator does on these topics, the more effectively the evaluation process is carried out.
  • High motivation and morale: This cannot be emphasized enough that the evaluator is the face of the organization for the candidate. The candidates reckon their future team and their team members from the overall disposition of the evaluator. Needless to say, if evaluator’s persona exudes motivation and high morale makes the candidate look forward to an offer.

The onus of bringing forth a good mix of strengths to the team is on the evaluator. Clarity of each candidate’s opportunities where other team members will need to fill in will provide an exhaustive summary of the evaluation.

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