June 18, 2020
Hiring is given significant focus in all firms as it impacts productivity, culture and finances in short and l
May 20, 2020
As the Indian IT industry enters its fourth decade of magnanimous growth, it will be stimulating to see IT pro
May 12, 2020
In small and medium-sized companies, interviews for the positions of senior technical team members are wrapped
April 24, 2020
Corona pandemic hasn’t deterred the IT industry to function as normal times. As IT prides on Anytime, Anywhe
March 31, 2020
Taking interviews is no-one’s full time job.  For an IT project team, tasks like daily stand ups, scrum mee
February 14, 2020
The best asset for an IT org is a team with solid technical skills. According to early 2019 statistics from bu
January 14, 2019
External evaluation process helps the organisations choose a high-quality candidate along with, reducing hirin

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