‘Domain experts with solid technological experience determinedly possess the acumen to select the best candidate. The only shortcoming is that, the availability of these experts is tough in the current IT market’

Overall Discussion Preview:  In an insightful tete-a-tete, Evaluators Point discusses with Rakesh Dadhichi, CEO IndGlobal Services on how organizations should utilize industry expertise and technology-driven KPIs to recourse their staffing challenge. The conversation highlights how digital transformation plays a decisive role in technical hiring by the amalgamation of technology and human psychometry.

Key takeaways for the reader:

  • Finding the right technical staff is one of the top most challenges that IT organizations need to address at the earliest
  • Well-built technical evaluation process that examines candidate fitment on technical expertise as well as culture adaptability, is imperative in candidate hiring.
  • Having the potential employees face seasoned domain expertsis a deft method to secure the best fitment technical staff for the company.

Here’s the edited transcript from our exclusive interview with Rakesh Dadhich, CEO and MD at IndGlobal :

Rakesh, Please tell us about your journey through IndGlobal and how you have leveraged a start up to be one of the most awarded in E-commerce, Mobile apps, ERP solutions, Software Development, and Digital Marketing Company.

I have travelled through various unknown paths and feel glad and contented with where I find myself today. After an Engineering degree in E&C, I joined the Indian Air Force as an engineer. After serving for more than 20 years, I started an SAP consulting firm in 2007 with a few partners. However, it took another 3 years for me to kick start my passion as an Entrepreneur. At the inception of IndGlobal Digital in 2010, we began with meager infrastructure and a small client base. The challenges ranged from business development to finding investors to technical staff and of course the usual start-up challenges of payments and billing. From there,  I am humbled to say that we have emerged as one of India’s top e-commerce, mobile apps development, premium web applications, and digital marketing company and serving top global brands.

Right Engineering talent is an asset to the IT firms and evaluating them is a daunting task during scale-up. Please tell us the strategies you adopted successfully to identify and hire the right engineering talent, as an SME.

Over the years, social media platforms have been our saviors in resolving hiring woes. In addition, we invest in developing an employer brand and job description that reflects our company. Of late the introduction of an employee referral program has been a forerunner among the successful strategies that we have adopted to hire the right engineering talent. Our wish list includes a team of subject matter experts with in-depth knowledge and experience to on-board candidates that fits the mind-set, technical need, and ways of working that best suits our company.

Our research says that high performers need not be good at interviews. What do you think about this? What are your techniques to pick the right candidate for the team?

I would say I agree and disagree with this theorem around the high-performance staff. In the current IT industry, high performance amounts to be not only technologically advanced but also being nimble and culturally fit. The top talent in the industry are individuals with a tremendous focus on learning and implementing cutting edge technology. In addition, they imbibe a human component to themselves that makes them real problem-solvers. These are the most sought after candidates in the IT market.

 Loss from the wrong hire causes a lot of negative impacts. How do you handle when your team has the wrong hire?

Though we are an upcoming organization with tight delivery schedules yet we maintain a disciplined orientation and a probation period for each new hire.  Prior to confirming a new hire, we conduct on-the-job-training, coaching, and assessment. In cases of non-fitment, the decision is taken on either an extension of probation or termination.

 Isn’t it a good idea if domain experts help you to pick the right candidate to work for your team? What are the advantages and disadvantages you can think of? 

A major breakthrough that we aspire to drive in the future is building expertise towers in a few niche technological areas. Domain experts with solid technological experience determinedly possess the acumen to select the best candidate. The only shortcoming is that the availability of these experts is tough in the current IT market.

 It’s been 10 years since you have ventured into IT. What are your personal tips which are working again and again for you?

I will say the way forward is to challenge the beaten path. Adaptability to superior technology, and smarter processes, embedded with the new normal of work culture is the future mantra. The one formula which has worked repeatedly for us is our urge to work with people with a modern outlook and farsightedness in the technological context.

Based on your experience, how do you see the future job market and candidate evaluation process?

As the IT job market takes an upward turn, demand for the right skills and talent is likely to see an upsurge. The hiring of the best fitment solves the most complex part of the problem in any organization. I believe a structured evaluation process alongside an experienced interview panel is of utmost importance. The interview process needs to be equipped with tools to scrutinize candidates’ behavioural and soft skills in addition to techno-functional skills.  Therefore, an overall corroboration of the evaluation team and the delivery departments will go a long way in filling the gaps in the interview and selection course of action.

 What do you feel about the effort of the Evaluators Point team to resolve the industry pain points by considering available resources optimally to pick the right person for the right job?

The pain point that Evaluators Point has identified is absolutely real in the IT industry and a tangible solution will be a definite relief for organizations aiming to employ technical staff.  As the hiring takes off, the call for matured tech evaluators is bound to grow not only among the start-ups but also the established IT organizations. I appreciate your efforts to bring about this forward-looking resolution to a truly significant IT challenge.

About IndGlobal:

 IndGlobal provides world-class solutions in business automation and brings digital transformation to enterprises of all sizes. With advanced domain expertise in ERP software, product development, ERP Solutions, Learning Management Systems,  e-commerce, mobile apps, and etc; Ind Global supports rapid growth in becoming seamlessly digital.

Short Stand-Out Note:

Evaluators Point has put its finger on the real pain point in the current IT market.  As the pandemic subsides, and industries open up, hiring is sure to take an upward turn. It is paramount to provide a human touch to the algorithmic selection process in order to obtain the best fitment for the IT job roles.

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Dipika Sarangi
Director – Technical Evaluations

Dipika Sarangi has been proactively interacting with Industry leaders in IT industry to understand the plethora of challenges in assessing the right talent for a tech role. She has over 16 years of industry experience in leading and mentoring the technical team at leading technology firms. At Evaluators Point she owns the clients’ front that helps them unlock the engineering productivity and increase the efficiency of candidate assessment.

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